Psalm 103: The Wait

In only supernatural guidance can one sit and wait in the midst of an over coming darkness. It is only by submission and rendering the body and mind slave to God that we will utter the words “even while I wait…all that is in me, bless HIs holy name.” As Jonah, from the pit, God redeems our life from the pit. Only in Him can we renew the youthful love we have seemingly lost. To learn to reflect two attributes of God we may oppose the coming anguish. Compassion for the heart we have destroyed and graciousness to patiently wait for His timing in restoration. To be slow in action, thought and words. But swift to lovingkindess is to fly in the jet stream of the Lord. He deals not with our sins but with HIs plan of redemption to wipe our sins from the reality we live. We are but dust trying to achieve things meant for the divine and oh that we might but only through HIs resurrection. In the confidence of His redemption, us, who are dust, can exclaim “Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul!”

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