Dungeons, Dragons and the Quest for The Real Jesus

We all love adventure, we love the thrill of discovery, finding new things, learning new things, and seeking out that which could be and may not be in existence. Our minds race with the potential of discovering something new, finding the key to unlock a mystery, finding evidence in a case, theorizing the potential magic of our ancient world. We love the idea of fantasy, dungeon crawling, and seeking treasure beyond the battle that must be won. We face dragons, demons, trolls, and villains to grow stronger and wiser.

It was these truths that have resonated in me for years and for years I have sought this excitement in a lifelong quest that has brought all this but also the darkness, despair, lies, lust, thievery, confusion, doubt, and grief to my soul as I have ventured to find the truth of Jesus Christ.

Have you ever pondered the ancient mystery of Genesis? Zoom in your mind's eye to the ancient world, with Egyptian gods and famine and the burning bush. There is an adventure in Scripture that has yet to be uncovered and a mystery waiting to be solved. Part of this is the quest for the Historical Jesus and this quest has been in both secular and faith filled scholarship for ages now. Anytime there are questions left unread, pages unturned and mysteries unsolved the Scholars awake and seek answers. We too can join this quest. With any quest there is opposition and part of the opposition to the Historical Jesus is what I call the "Plethora Theory" which is to say - there are always new theories coming out trying to vacate Christ from His rightful place as King, God, and Savior.

We are going to venture into a quest together this year. Dungeon crawl through each theory, face each dragon, defeat every boss that lies ahead. We are going to dismantle these with rigorous study, logic, research, and presentation. We will answer questions like: Are the Gospels trustworthy? Were they anonymous? Is Jesus Real? Did Jesus die? What's the evidence for His death? Are the theories against Jesus valid? How can we uncover the truth?

This is my invitation to you. Join me on the Quest for the Historical Jesus and venture into the darkest of dungeons that will surely test your faith and put up a fight.

Grab your swords. Grab your shields, wands, and bows. Here we go.

Stay tuned every week for a "dungeon" crawl! Tackling the tough theories and the questions that lie unanswered before Jesus and the historical realm.